Burlesque Workshops with CoCo La Creme

About the facilitator: CoCo La Creme is a performance artist who has been entertaining audiences in Toronto and beyond for 10 sparkling years. She has performed at such illustrious events as the New York Burlesque Festival, The Miss Exotic World Showcase, The Power Plant Power Ball, The Design Exchange Annual Gala, Toronto & Montreal Pride, Spiegeltent, Nuit Blanche and the Toronto Alternative Art Fair International.

CoCo La Crème a.k.a. Lorraine Hewitt has also been an instructor in burlesque, flirting and sexual health and pleasure for the past five years. Her workshops have been featured on CBC television and the W network and she has been interviewed in several local and national papers including The Toronto Star, Metro, Xtra, Fab, Flare magazine, More magazine and the National Post. She has literally taught hundreds of women how to shake their booties, have fun and get in touch with their sensual selves. Could you be next?

Home Parties:

Learning the art of strip tease is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday, an upcoming wedding or just to have fun with a bunch of your girlfriends. Whatever the occasion, a class with CoCo is guaranteed to be a memorable event. CoCo is pleased to offer her signature bump 'n' grind burlesque classes for special events in the Toronto area. Classes can easily be tailored to fit the needs of your group. Please email workshops@skintightouttasight.com for more information and booking. See you under the spotlight darlings!

More Upcoming Workshops with Facilitators from Skin Tight Outta Sight:


Sauci Calla Horra

A Lesson in Undressin'

Release your inner showgirl with this introductory class to burlesque - the retro art of the striptease! With many shows, troupes and festivals in Burlesque now all across North America, burlesque truly is back with a vengeance. Today's burlesque focuses on empowerment and the reclaiming of our feminine sexuality, often with a sense of humour. Burlesque performers encompass women of all shapes and sizes, truly revolutionizing mainstream conceptions of what is sexy.

"A Lesson in Undressin" covers the basic components of burlesque. How do burlesque performers make taking their clothes off look so effortless and enticing? Whether you are interested in putting together a striptease for your lover, taking to the stage as a performer, or you simply want to feel more comfortable with your body, this class will help to build your confidence and skills. In this two hour class you will learn: 1) a brief history of the art form, 2) how to find your "stage name," 3) basic moves - your entrance, shimmies, bumps and grinds, and ending poses, 4) work with props - glove peels, feather boas and 5) glamour tips for getting started!

The Lesson is taught by Sauci Calla Horra, a seven year veteran of Toronto troupe, Skin Tight Outta Sight Rebel Burlesque. Sauci and her troupe have performed all across North America, from New York to Los Angeles. She has facilitated burlesque workshops in Boston and Vancouver. Sauci is a charismatic chameleon, with inventive performance routines ranging from classical ballet to high comedy. She is the Producer of The Toronto Burlesque Festival and founded The Toronto Burlesque and Vaudeville Alliance, to build the local community of artists and fans. Sauci was featured on the cover of 24 Hours (Toronto Sun Media) and the Toronto Star's What's On section. She taught burlesque tips to Mary Ito for CBC's "Living in Toronto" show and has also been interviewed for TVO, MTV, Much Music and more!

Skin Tight Outta Sight can craft a workshop or offer private coaching on many topics: Glamour Tips; Building Your Stage Persona; and "The Producer Series" are all available!
Inquire at workshops@skintightouttasight.com for more information!


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