"Tanya! The tittilating tease from the snowy north! If she only had maple leaves to cover her towering talent, she would STILL be a titanic force to be reckoned with!"
Russ Meyer

She’s the blonde bombshell with the curves made for danger. TANYA CHEEX is one lethal combination of hip shakin’ and heart breakin’!  Tanya staged her first “strip show” at the age of eight in her neighbor’s backyard. Undaunted by its inevitable bust and spurned on by her model/ libertine grandmother, she found a passion in all things renegade and retro. Tired of being chased by drunken Russian sailors in hometown Halifax, she moved to The Big Smoke to pursue a career as a professional dominatrix!

Needing a fluffier outlet, Tanya became known in the gay community for her authentic tributes to Marilyn Monroe. In 1998 she formed Skin Tight Outta Sight Rebel Burlesque because the time was right to make that childhood dream a reality!  Tanya has an extensive background in dance: she is an accomplished belly dancer and her acts run the gamut from Vegas showgirl, Irish jigs, Cabaret, to Can Can.  A professional events co-coordinator and costume stylist she is Skin Tight Outta Sight’s Creative Director.